My Friends, The Birds

My Friends, The Birds Broad-Billed Hummingbird (Male), Santa Rita Lodge, Madera Canyon, Near Green Valley, Arizona Recently, and for some time, I have been discovering small “gifts” left for me by birds accustomed to feeding at my sunflower-seed feeder. Since I installed the feeder years ago it has been the target of local birds by…

The Bodhisattva

  To be willing to risk everything,To awaken even in the darkest hours,To be fearless - even reckless,To pursue adventure with illumination,To abide in faith for eons. To seek my mentor over lifetimes,To polish my character,To give encouragement and hope,To boldly carve a path for others,To attract fortune from afar. To be Buddha I AM,To…

Depictions of the Awakened

Wheels, Footprints, Empty Cushions, Statues, Mandalas, Metaphors of the Mind - All Experiences of the imagination In the world of transient, non-substantial, nothing. Molded armors match our bodies -Protect and define our mortal ego. Without them we vaporize Into forever. The everlasting dreams of our existence disappear with Awakening.    

Courage Smiles

For my friends in Iran: Your unbearable sorrow touches God's heart. Your supreme joy makes God smile back at You. The savages hate this; their fear betrays them. Your courage smiles with infinite joy.  

Buddha’s Diary – 4

Life's Mystic Power Subtle and Mysterious; Mystic, Is Life's Power Beyond our Sheep-Human, So-Called, Intelligence. Knowing Reveals Limitations, Understanding, Potential. Ever Guided, our Stream Flows, Unconscious.